Café District, the Neighborhood’s Café of Distinction

The art of coffee at the 21e arrondissement

Café District, Old Port Division, the Art of Coffee at 21e

Proudly Montreal, the Café District, well-known in the neighborhoods of Mile-End, Mile-Ex and Rosemont, opened its doors in September on William Street, more precisely on the ground floor of the 21e arrondissement’s central square.


It was thanks to the excitement of this changing neighborhood, close to the creative companies headquartered nearby, that Louka chose to open a new division here, near the Old Port, in Old Montreal.

The early 20th century industrial architecture inspired the owner’s design. When you enter Café District you immediately notice the abundance of light, the high ceilings, the concrete feel, the beautiful chrome coffee machine and, of course, the smell of Italian coffee...

Serving great coffee and fresh pastries to the workers and residents of the neighborhood is the mission Louka sets for himself and accomplishes day after day, from 7am till closing time. Gourmet croissants, healthy muffins and fresh fruit ... The perfect breakfast spot for early risers!


The lunch selection highlights the owner’s Mediterranean origins. The seasonal salads overflow with colors while the delicious sandwiches are made to order. We loved the vegetarian sandwich with multicolored grilled vegetables. You can taste the Mediterranean with every bite!


Restaurants have been in Louka’s family for generations. Indeed, with pride and emotion he tells us that his father-in-law, a great Montreal chef, is the biggest inspiration behind the success of his businesses.


As for coffee, Louka likes to brew the classical forms - because "coffee is sacred, we don’t joke with coffee". You can be sure you’re tasting authentic Italian coffee, ground and roasted before your eyes. We loved it with a homemade brownie. Louka was right, "it’s very, very good!"

It’s a great place for breakfast, lunch, or a snack. We’re already regulars!

Café District 

From Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

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