Prével has planned ahead to include a number of initiatives that reduce the project's impact on the environment. Also, some integrated solutions have been added, allowing residents of the Seville to limit their ecological footprint.

  • Construction waste management.
    • All paper and cardboard is recycled.
    • Recycling bins for plastic and glass are in place for use by the construction trades.
    • Requirements for recycling have been written out in the contracts with construction trades.
  • Rainwater recuperation for use in the interior courtyard.
  • Electrical meter in each condo to allow for individual control of energy consumption.
  • Digital thermostats in each room.
  • Strategic location within the neighbourhood which facilitates the purchase of local produce and goods, and which gives convenient access to the public transportation system.
  • Interior parking spaces for bicycles.
  • Recycling centre in the basement.