A Winning Proposal for the Redevelopment of Atwater

An Urban Promenade in Saint-Henri

An urban promenade connecting the Lionel Groulx Métro station to a new esplanade, located between Notre-Dame and the Lachine Canal.

Residents of Imperial Lofts, as well as all of Saint-Henri, are surely curious to see the new proposal to redevelop Atwater as part of the Montréal en mouvement urban incubator initiative.

The project is led by a trio of architects who plan to create an urban walkway connecting the Lionel-Groulx métro station to a new esplanade surrounding the Atwater market.

Although this project involves banning cars from part of the street, Bryan Marchand (one of the three architects) hopes to reassure drivers that circulation will remain fluid thanks to dedicated car lanes on both sides of the central plaza.

The esplanade, between Notre-Dame and the Lachine Canal, will feature distinctive pavement reminiscent of European cities during the Middle-Ages and Renaissance.

Finally, for fans of winter recreation, they’ve planned a skating rink on the Lachine Canal as part of the project. The rink will also have a chalet for those who don’t feel like putting on their skates in the cold!

Benoit Dorais, Mayor of the South West borough, confides that he’s already sold, even though the project will require cooperation with the City of Montreal and Parcs Canada. But the Mayor appears optimistic: "I do not foresee any major difficulties, we are already working with them."


Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

The Market (Photo courtesy of MTL Ville en Mouvement)

The skating rink and chalet (Photo courtesy of MTL Ville en Mouvement)

The esplanade (Photo courtesy of MTL Ville en Mouvement)

So, are you sold?

Source : Un fou projet de réaménagement des alentours du marché Atwater proposé par un trio d'architectes


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