Proud Partner of ‘Become a Montrealer’!

The winning ‘ambassador’ will have the chance to live in a Prével condo and celebrate Montreal life for a full year!

The Montreal 375th Committee and Montreal International, in partnership with Prével, are launching the ‘Become a Montrealer’ contest. The competition is targeted towards globetrotters hoping to enjoy a full year of Montreal life!



A highly coveted ambassadorship, the winner’s first mission will be to tell, blog and share Montreal’s festivities with the world. Surely a dream job for more than a few!


In addition to spending his or her days, nights and weekends celebrating the city, the lucky winner will have the chance to live in a Prével unit located in Old Montreal!

Feel like going on an adventure?

You have until March 1st, 2016 to submit your application here. Send your request and include a short video explaining why you love Montreal and why you are the person they are looking for!


Unfortunately, if you are a citizen or permanent Canadian resident, you can’t apply ... but nothing prevents you from spreading the word to your friends from elsewhere!


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