Our mission

Creating living spaces for everyone

Prével is more than simply a construction company. Beyond working with concrete, we sell new ways of living. Our mission is to design diverse living spaces that blend housing, local businesses, offices, public spaces, and more—creating an area that combines urban planning and architectural design. We are proud to have helped build some of today’s most sought-after neighbourhoods.

City living

Over the years, we have really come to know Montréal and its surrounding areas. It is our goal to help more people move to the downtown area, and to ensure this space remains highly livable and vibrant. Residing in and around downtown means being close to all the amenities, with easy access to public transport and all that city life here has to offer.

Neighbourhood proximity

All Prével projects take into account the unique areas where they’re located. Because we don’t just erect condo towers—we also aim to add a more dynamic feel to each neighbourhood. Our 21e arrondissement project, for example, was inspired by large European cities. Most notably, the project’s urban square, surrounded by shops and patios, providing residents across the neighbourhood with a space all their own, promotes city vitality and fosters a sense of community. This is also the philosophy behind the Esplanade Cartier project’s park and placette—or urban square—which provide a duo of public spaces that are part and parcel of the community.

Community spaces

Being a co-owner also means taking advantage of the project’s shared areas. And Prével has long been at the forefront of creating these spaces, from our Lowney 3 and 4 project’s infinity pool, to lounges where residents can sit and talk against a backdrop of the city, to the elevated walkways linking Lowney 8 to 11—a virtual linear park in the sky inspired by New York’s famous High Line.

Since the very beginning, we have strived to ensure social living remains at the heart of every project. Our shared spaces are designed for people to meet and come together to create a sense of true belonging. Every new project is a new opportunity for communities to form—and become part of the Prével family.

Welcome home

Over the last 40 years, Prével has built more than 11,000 residential units—places where each and every co-owner can feel right at home. Our team puts much thought and care into all our units in order to make full use of every square foot of space. The result? An optimized living space that ensures owners enjoy real value for money.