Our Team

Our qualified and passionate team is our greatest strength.  The seamless synergy between sales, construction and management is one of the building blocks of Prével’s success.  These departments all work together to offer a product that exceeds expectations and ensures a first-rate customer experience.

We are very proud of our low employee turnover rate, and we believe it is in large part due to our corporate culture. There’s a real sense of belonging within the company and we’re proud to show our colours.

Jonathan Sigler and Jacques Vincent, co-Presidents of Prével, live and breathe urban development.  They share a common vision:  to build residential sites combining architectural design and urban planning.  They joined forces in 1994, combining their extensive real estate development experience and knowledge:  Jonathan Sigler with a strong background in construction, engineering and management, and Jacques Vincent with expertise in development and marketing.  Two recognized industry leaders, Jonathan and Jacques have created an architectural legacy through advanced housing design.