Le Hideout: Griffintown's New Beauty Refuge

Gaze out of the bay windows from the ground floor of Lowney sur ville and you’ll spot the warm, trendy decor of Le Hideout, Griffintown's new beauty... Read more

Last news before the holidays

Final blog post of the year! It’s our chance to wish you a very happy holiday season! But before we take a much needed break, here are the latest news from our... Read more

5 Trendy Terraces for Eating Well in Montreal

The arrival of summer means discovering new terraces. In Montreal, you’ll find one on practically every corner. But which one do you choose? Where do you eat... Read more

5 Decorating Tips for Your Condo This Spring!

Feeling spring on the tip of your nose? The sun has arrived in Montreal, bringing much needed milder temperatures and longer days. The windows of decorating shops have ... Read more

AlphaPlantes: Your Botanical Destination in Griffintown

AlphaPlant’s reputation is well established. For nearly 50 years, this large boutique in the heart of Griffintown has been a unique destination for fans of green ... Read more

5 Reasons to Enjoy Brunch at La Bistrote in Griffintown

As we all know, a Sunday morning with no delicious latte, no golden french toast topped with maple syrup and no smoothie isn’t a true Sunday! This time around,... Read more

Hvor: An Exceptional Gourmet Experience in Griffintown

From all the new restaurants that pop up each year in the city, only a few succeed and stand out, mostly thanks to a precise philosophy reflected in the dishes they... Read more

Deco 2017: Seven Trends to Follow

What does 2017 have in store for us in terms of decorating trends?On the basis of quite a bit of research, we can tell you that we’ll come across many organic... Read more

5 Pet Furniture Ideas for Your Condo

 There’s nothing like a pet to bring joy and life into a home. And if we can unconditionally love our little animals, we might as well get them the most... Read more

Café 5ième: An Environmentally Friendly Coworking Café in Griffintown

We have all been waiting for this, an environmentally conscious, friendly coworking café in Griffintown, right? And thanks to Simon and Dorian, graduates of ÉTS,... Read more

Pilates Success: Passion, Training, and Well-Being

Establishing a sport or fitness routine to avoid the metro-work-sleep cycle has become one of the main challenges of contemporary city life ... The ideal activity... Read more

In Search of the Stories and Legends of Griffintown

At the Sainte-Anne church ruins, on the corner of Mountain and Basin Streets, our guide Robusquet tells us how only a few years ago a man walking on the street saw a... Read more
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