Urban Chalets

Our outdoor rooftop terraces quickly became popular meeting places, and that success inspired us to conceive amenities that could be used all year long.  Putting our rooftop expertise to use, we designed the first indoor lounge adjacent to the outdoor terrace at Lowney Phase 1.  Over time, subsequent models of the "urban chalet" grew to three times the size of our first model, and today Prével’s urban chalets are places where owners can play a game of pool, read a book by the fireplace or prepare meals with their friends — all while enjoying stunning views of the city.

At the Loft Impérial project, we used the same expertise to breathe new life into the landmark large rooftop clock.  Wanting to preserve this distinctive piece of Montréal history, we created a space inside the clock where owners could socialize.  This unique use of space and respect for a neighborhood icon contributed to Loft Impérial’s reputation.  The stunning views from the two-story-high windows help, too!

Each new project generates innovative concepts that meet the needs of our clientele.  For example, the urban chalet at the 21e arrondissement is inspired by the spacious lounges typical of boutique hotels, incorporating wood wall paneling, three fireplaces and an intimate atmosphere.  The Winter Garden, also at 21e arrondissement, with its greenery and large windows, is the perfect spot to soak up some warm rays of sunshine on cold winter days.  The serene and tranquil space at Bassins du Havre features hanging furniture, giving you the feeling you’re floating on waves.