Space Optimization

Prével developed its expertise in space optimization in response to our customers’ needs.  These days, a 550 square-foot unit is fairly common in the market, but 10 years ago Prével was already offering 570 square-foot units complete with a separate bedroom.  Today, we’ve developed a 400-square-foot unit that meets the same needs as a 550 square-foot one, but at a more affordable price, giving young buyers an opportunity to own rather than rent, and a chance to start building some wealth.

Our team spends countless hours analyzing plans for every unit in order to make sure that every square inch is utilized most efficiently, and no space is wasted.  This means constantly going back to the drawing board.  In the 21e arrondissement project, Prével offers a 285-square-foot pied-à-terre, complete with built-in furniture, to meet the needs of customers who work in the city but live out of town.  At Lowney sur Ville, we designed a 2-bedroom unit measuring 634 square feet, allowing a couple who believed they could only afford a 1-bedroom to get more value for their money.

Efficient design of our units make good use of space.  However, Prével projects also feature many appealing common areas that serve as extensions to your living space.