Welcome to the new residents of Le Seville 3!

By Louis P. Paquette And it’s a start! Deliveries for Phase 3 of  Le Seville Project have begun this week. They will continue until the end of November. Welcome to all our new residents! Here is an overview of the construction work that will lead us to the completion of Phase 3.

The team of landscapers is working hard to complete the interior garden and the green spaces on the roofs of Phase 3A and 3B. Inside the building, the wood flooring is installed up to the 7th floor, the cupboards are installed up to the 19th floor and the painters are putting the finishing touches at the 20th floor. Outside the building, the brickwork is going great while the installation of the aluminium covering is almost finished on Lambert-Closse Street. Finally, the sport centre will be fully operational before the end of June. For any question regarding the progress of the construction work at Le Seville Project, please contact me at : [email protected] Looking forward to meeting you! Louis

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