Welcome Cocktail at Phase 2 of Le Seville

By Louis P. Paquette In order to celebrate the completion of the deliveries at Phase 2 of Le Seville, Prével held a welcome cocktail on June 14.

This event underlines the delivery of the last units in the second eleven-storey tower of Le Seville Project. Our team was very happy to invite the new residents to this evening, an event that is now part of the tradition at Prével! We believe that it is the perfect occasion to get in touch with new neighbors, to discover the magnificent scenery of the terrace, to dip a toe for the first time in the brand new swimming pool, and to savor the delicious hors d’oeuvres prepared by our caterer. When we organise this kind of evening, we want to make sure that everybody enjoys himself, but we are also looking forward to hearing from you. Once again, we listened to your comments and suggestions with great interest. For those who couldn’t make it at the cocktail, you can take a look at the pictures taken during the event on our Facebook page. Once again, many thanks to everybody! See you soon! Louis

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