News from the Lowney 10-11 & Lowney sur Ville

By Kim Lalumière Here are the latest updates from the construction fields of the Lowney 10 and 11 and from the Lowney sur Ville. Many thanks to Caroline Fortin and François Chayer for their help in the writing of this post.

Lowney 10 The finishing work in the common areas is progressing well: the main entrance is almost done and the corridors are completed from the ground level to the third floor. The terrace of Phase 10 will be ready to welcome residents before the end of June. The exterior walls are entirely completed. The landscaping work in the courtyard located between Phases 9, 10 and 11 will be completed in the next few weeks.

Lowney 11 The first deliveries were made on June 3rd. They will be completed at the end of August. The finishing works in the condos are progressing well: the three first floors are almost ready to be delivered, the tiling is completed up to the 8th floor, the flooring is completed up to the 6th floor, the counters are in place up to the 5th floor and the kitchens are starting to be installed at the 8th floor. The outdoor masonry works are completed. Lowney sur Ville The excavation works at Phase 1 are 95 % completed and they are 70 % completed at Phase 2. The pouring of the concrete will begin soon at both sites. Have a good day, Kimi

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